FAQ: Integrating Cardtapp with BAMM Unify

How does the Cardtapp/BAMM Unify integration work?

Once enabled, any time your Cardtapp app is shared to a new Tapper for the first time, the integration will cause a new Contact to be created in BAMM Unify with you as owner.

The contact will have Tapper's name, phone#, and email address (if provided).

Also, a Note will be created in BAMM Unify indicating the source of the app share, such as a specific referrer.


How do I request that the integration be enabled for my Cardtapp account?

Simply send an email to support@cardtapp.com  and let us know you'd like to get going. We'll respond with a link so that you can authorize the Cardtapp integration. Once that's complete, the integration will be enabled within 1-2 business days.


Will my existing Cardtapp Tappers be transmitted to BAMM Unify?

No. The integration is triggered for only for new shares going forward.


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