How to hide your personal cell phone number to use your business line

The first thing you want to make sure you have is your business line number. You can easily find this in your TappTracker app.

1. Simply open TappTracker tt.PNG on your phone

2. Click on the three white horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner

3. At the top you can view your app link and below it, your business line



Now you will want to log into your online dashboard from your computer. If you have trouble logging in, just email us at


Once you are logged in, follow these steps to obscure your personal number & use your business line:


1. Click 'Buttons' on the left hand side in the grey menu area

2. Click on the tab at the top of your screen labeled, 'Contact Dialog' Capture.PNG

*You will want to edit both the preexisting 'Call Cell' & 'Text Me' buttons

3. Click the edit icon- Capture.PNG on the right side of the 'Call Cell' button

4. Change the Link/URL box to 'Business Line' using the drop down box Link-URL.PNG & click  save.PNG  to save 

5. Click the edit icon- Capture.PNG to the right of the 'Text Me' button

6. Change the 'Action Type' drop down to 'Text Message' if necessary

7. In the Link/URL box currently showing 'cell', manually update by entering your business line & click    to save 



At this point, your cell phone number should be hidden from your app and your tappers will only be able to reach you through your business line and office line if you have one listed. 





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