[Resolved] App sharing service interruption - February 12, 2016

At noon PST on February 14th, our text messaging provider confirmed that the issue was completely resolved on their side. There were no reports of CardTapp app sharing issues between 8:30pm on Friday and the resolution announcement from the vendor.



At 8:30pm PST on February 12th, our text messaging provider reported an improvement in message delivery. Subsequent tests showed that text messages sent by CardTapp were being delivered correctly.

Since that time, we haven't had any reports of further issues with sharing messages.

We will continue to monitor the situation until our provider confirms that the incident is resolved on their side. If you experience any anomalies, please contact our technical support team by sending an email to support@cardtapp.com.




At 10:00am PST on February 12th, CardTapp's text messaging provider reported a service interruption with some outbound messages not being delivered to U.S. phone carrier customers.

Shortly afterwards, we diagnosed a condition where some of our members' app sharing messages were affected by this outage, and were not being delivered.

As of 4:00pm PST on February 12th, the provider has not been able to resolve the problem, nor offer an expected time of resolution.

We will continue to update this knowledge base article with details as we learn about them.

NOTE: For any of our members who are using the TappTracker mobile app, you can continue to share your app from your own phone with no interruption.

To learn more about TappTracker, you can review this knowledge base section or watch the following short video: https://youtu.be/I63neegRXNk




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