How to Adjust Email Notifications and Daily Usage Reports

Here at CardTapp, we love real time data and seeing exactly what everyone is doing with the app. By default, you will get a notification every time someone ‘Tapps’ your app.

However, you can adjust these notifications, along with some of the other alerts we currently send via email.

The settings are very easy to access from TappTracker:

  1. Open the TappTracker App
  2. Click the menu icon (looks like 3 small bars) in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Notifications’ to see your options
  4. Select the Email notifications Tab

Email Notifications Tab - For app usage notifications that are delivered via email, there are 3 types of email notification settings you can adjust:

  • Daily Usage Reports: The previous days’ summary of your apps usage that is emailed out
  • Requests: Come from usage of buttons on the home screen of your app that require a Tapper to complete a short form with their contact info that sends you an email alert when they fill it out
  • Referrals: When someone (that’s not you) shares the app with another person

Make any changes based on your preferences and be sure to tap ‘Update’ when you are done to save everything!

Here are some great video resources to explore next!

Still have questions? Email us at or call 1-855-TAPPIFY (827-7439).

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