What To Say When You Share The App (Sharing Scripts)

Sharing the app is super easy, and over time you will find that handing it out becomes second nature. 

The key to sharing is to make the app all about the person you are giving it and conveying the value it will provide them.

Here are a couple examples you can adopt to start your app sharing and mobile marketing campaign!

Potential New Lead- Let’s face it, your next new client could come from anywhere. Whether it’s a more formal occasion like a tradeshow, a networking event, or something as simple as a neighbor you meet at a BBQ or friends at a restaurant, you can easily share your app to get a business relationship going. If business pops up in the conversation, find a way to share your app. You can quickly get them the app (which has all your contact info and tools!) but most importantly, you will be able to capture their contact info to follow up with later on!

"Let me share my app with you! What’s your phone number? (As you are doing this, open your app and enter their first name and then start to type in their phone number).  If you are thinking about moving, or just want to see where rates are at you can find it all in here. You can also email, call or text me from the app if you have any questions.  You’ll get a text message with a link in it that you can click on and your phone will prompt you with what to do next to install it!”

New Lead/Referral- These people are more engaged with you than someone you might casually share your app with to capture their contact info. However, you might not have technically secured their business yet, so share the app to create a tie between the two of you, separate yourself from the competition and stay top of mind

"I’m going to send you my personal app. You are going to have questions throughout the mortgage process and I want to be there for you throughout and even after the process. Just contact me directly from my app anytime you need me. There’s also a payment calculator in there and other tools that you will love using.”  

To ensure they use it- help them install the app, or install it for them and then give them a quick tour of the features!

Current Clients- Your app needs to be on every current client’s phone. They will appreciate how easy it is to reach you, the tools they can use on it AND have the capability to pass your information along to their circle. The best way to do this is during an in person meeting, but you can also assist them over the phone if that’s the only option you have. The key is to make sure they have it and know why it’s valuable for them to have it on their phones!

“Let me share my app with you! I want to make it super easy for you to contact me during and even after this process. There are also a ton of tools that I think you will find useful, especially the built in payment calculator. I will send it to your cell phone right now through text message. There will be a link in there to click on and your phone will tell you what to do next.”

Make sure they have a smartphone before you send the app and help them walk through installing it!

Realtors- For many Mortgage Professionals, the bulk of their business comes from Realtor referrals. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these opportunities by getting you app on their phones. Having your face on their home screen will keep you top of mind- plus- the app makes referring you business a breeze.  The icing on the cake is that there are tools in the app that will be super helpful for them as well- hello payment calculator!

"I am going to send you my personal mortgage app. It will help us stay better connected and make it very easy for you to refer me to clients that you think I would be a good fit for! The link to download it will come in a text” Walk them through getting it on their phone and show them the contact and share button and the calculators. "To share with someone, you can just tap share, plug in their name and phone number, and press send- plus the calculator will super useful when you are out looking at homes with your clients!"

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