How To Install The App On iPhones (Video in Article)

The installation process for iPhones is very simple and depicted below with a step-by-step tutorial video and images below:

Note: Once the app is shared, the recipient will have a text message from a 425 number (the text is sent from our software instead of your number so that we can track the activity) or if you share it from TappTracker, the text message will be from your number. 

  1. Open the text and click on the link
  2. Safari will open and prompt you to click the little box at the bottom of the screen with an arrow popping out of it
  3. Then 'Add To Home Screen'
  4. Confirm by clicking 'Add'
  5. You will be taken out of Safari to where the app is on the phone for you to start using.


The video below also gives a basic visual of the steps taken to install the app on an iPhone

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