User Registration For Your App

You may have noticed that when you installed the app on your phone and opened it for the first time, a registration screen popped up requesting contact information. It most likely was populated with your name and number, which was entered when the app was sent to you. The options are to either enter it and 'submit' or 'skip' the page.

There are a few settings and preferences within Registration. Let's explore them

1. Registration Verbiage- There is a default message that will pop up on your registration page. If you would prefer to customize it, edit the text and then make sure to click 'Update'. This will permanently change the dialogue (unless you feel like changing it again!)

2. Require Contact Info: The default setting are that end users can skip this screen. However, if you would prefer to require all your users to register, it is easy to change the setting.

3. Privacy Policy: If you would like to include your own privacy policy, title the link, and copy and paste the URL in. Make sure to 'Enable' the policy and click 'Update'


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