Your Tappers

When you open up your dashboard, everyone that you have ever shared your app with will be listed in the grid below- we call these your 'Tappers'!

Here are some things to note about this section-

  • Everyone you sent the app to is a Tapper, even if they never open or use the app! Simply by sharing the app, you capture their contact info!
  • You can use and edit the 'Status' of each Tapper to categorize what type of user they are (referral partner, client, etc.) or even to mark where they are in the loan process.
  • The contact information can be edited. Simply click on a Tapper's name to edit or add to the contact information.
  • The notes come from the 'note' box when the app is shared. Make sure you add notes whenever you share the app so that you have a recollection of the conversation, and make sure your referral partners who will be sending out the app do the same!
  • You can sort the list by the Search column, but can also click any of the columns to sort by that info (i.e. status, Last Tapp, etc.)

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