Getting The App on My Phone

Once you have completely built your app, hit 'I'm done'. A screen will pop up letting you know that the app set up is complete.

Getting the app on your own phone is the next step. The 'Send App' button is a built in share feature on your dashboard that you can click on.

Clicking "Send App' will launch a live demo of you app, which you can use to send it to your own mobile phone via text message.

1. Click 'Send App'

2. Enter your name where it says 'To:'

3. Enter your cell phone number

4. Enter a note if you would like. These are stored in the tracking section and you will be the only one that sees them

5. Click send

 You will receive a text message with a link you can click to prompt the install.

How The App Installs on iPhones:

How The App Installs on Androids:

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