How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Mortgage Mapp is super easy and on average, takes about 5 minutes or less! Click 'Buy Now' or 'Build My App' from the website. 

To get started, enter your contact details, select a Mortgage Mapp URL, choose a password and enter your billing details. Note that you can choose to pay for the service monthly or annually. 

Once complete, a screen will pop up that requests you re-enter your password to access the dashboard. From the Dashboard, you will choose a photo and a logo, enter additional contact information and add social media links like your website and Linkedin page. 

Click 'I'm Done to complete the app. Note that is it available right away for iPhone and Android use.

If you want to add anything, simply click 'Build/Edit' from your dashboard. Make sure to click 'Next" and then "I'm Done' to save progress!

You can send the app to yourself and you are ready to rock. Make sure to watch our recorded intro webinars for more help!

Want to see a video that walks through the set-up process? Check this out: 

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