Embedding The App Link in Your Email Signature With Outlook

Make each email you send an opportunity for someone to download your app by including it in your email signature. We recommend embedding and hyper-linking it with text to keep it clean and user friendly.

Find your signature editor within Outlook. The location will depend on what version you have. The images below are pulled from Outlook 2010.

Open up your email signatures.

CLICK HERE for help finding the signature editor for your version of outlook

Choose the email signature you want to edit, or create a new one.

Add the text you would like to have hyper-linked to your app.

Highlight the text 

Click the Hyper-link button; it looks like a little ball and chain

Insert your app URL link into the 'Address' field

Here is the spot in your dashboard where you can copy the unique URL from

Paste --> Click 'OK' 

Click 'OK' once more 

 Your email signature should be ready to go, but test it first to verify that the link is intact!

Any questions? Email us at support@mortgagemapp.com

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