App Usage Notification Emails

To make staying on top of who's using your app even easier, we have created notification emails that give you details on the previous day's app usage.

Use these emails to make sure that you have contact with everyone who is using your mortgage tools and if you see a new name, make sure to reach out!

Getting these daily emails is a great way to track progress with your app, and the results you get will undoubtedly give you extra encouragement to share it even more! However, if you are diligent about checking your 'My Clients' tracking, there is an option to turn off these notification emails-

1. Log into your dashboard at

2. Click On 'Account Settings'

3. Select the 'Notifications' tab

4. Uncheck the box to turn off notifications 

You may notice that some users have chosen to use the app anonymously - their contact information is listed as 'Not Provided'.

Why Do I Have 'Not Provided' Tappers?

Keep in mind that you can control whether or not you would like to require contact information for the people that are using your app. If you would like to adjust your registration settings, you can access those preferences under 'Advanced Settings' in your dashboard.


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