Resetting TappTracker data & setting Android messaging default

Step 1: You will want to find your SETTINGS icon. Normally this will look like a gear (see below). 



Step 2: Once you open your settings, click on "APPS." 


Step 3: You should now see an alphabetical list of all the native app's that are installed on your phone. Scroll down until you see "TappTracker."


Step 4: Once you tap on "TappTracker," You will want to click on "STORAGE." 


Step 5: Click on "CLEAR DATA." 


Step 6: Click "DELETE."


Step 7: Close out of your settings and go back to the home screen of your phone.


*At this point you will go into TappTracker and walk through sharing the app. This is how to set the messaging default on an Android phone. Once this is completed, it should not prompt you to set it again moving forward. 


Step 8: Open your TappTracker app.

Note: If you cannot find TappTracker, You may need to swipe through multiple home screens to find it. 

Step 9: Log into TappTracker. If you do not know your password, please contact support directly. 


Step 10: Accept permissions.

Note: You will need to accept this permission to move forward with sharing your app through TappTracker. 


Step 11: Enter a name and mobile phone number to share your app. If you don't have anyone you want to share with right now, feel free to use your own name and mobile phone number. 

Step 12: Click the blue button, "Share App to Contact."


Step 13: If you see this pop-up, you will want to ALLOW this permission. This is giving permission to share your app via text message. 


Step 14: This pop up will only come up once if you click the small box at the bottom where it says " I understand. Please do not show this to me again."

This is just telling you not to forward the same text message with the same link to multiple people. Every person is given a unique tracking code when sharing through TappTracker.  


Step 15: At the bottom of your screen you will want to choose your messaging default. You want the yellow icon with the white envelope, "Messages." This is most likely the default messaging browser for your phone. Again, you should only have to set this once. 


Step 16: Click "OK."


Step 17: It should take you into your text messaging app and pre-fill with your message and app link at the bottom. All you need to do now is tap "SEND." This sends a text message to the person with the link to install your app. 


Step 18: This is after you have already shared the app. You will receive this pop up to save notes for yourself about this person, to add their email and choose a status category for them. 



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