How to Set Up Co-Branding on Your App

Co-branding is an optional premium feature which allows you to create many variations of your app that are co-branded with others.

You can co-brand your app with anyone you want and you can create as many variations as you like! For more frequently asked questions about co-branding, go here.

Watch the video above for a quick overview or continue reading below for a step-by-step tutorial.

1. You can co-brand your app with anyone you want, but they first have to be in your Tapper list. If you haven't already shared your app with the people who you want to co-brand your app with, go ahead and share it now so that they show up in your Tapper list. 

2. Once you've shared your app with them, open your member dashboard. Find their name in your Tapper list and click on their name to open their profile. 

3. From their profile view, find the on/off button at the button for co-branding and switch it on. 

4. When you turn on co-branding, additional information fields will populate. Fill in the information as you prefer it to appear on your app's co-branding section and hit update. 

5. Next, you can add logos and photos by selecting the next tab that says "upload images."

That's it! 

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