Can I embed specific pages from my app into a website (including calculators)?

Cardtapp has released improved functionality that allows you to embed useful pages from your app in any website -- as long as you have the ability to edit web pages.

Simply place any of the following code snippets into your HTML code and the relevant page from your app will appear in an iFrame.

Note that you will need to replace the text labeled [YOUR_APP_LINK] with your personal app link, for example ""


Calculator menu:
<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#calculator" width="400" height="700"></iframe>

Purchase calculator:
<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#purchase_calculator" width="400" height="700"></iframe>

Refinance calculator:
<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#refinance_calculator" width="400" height="700"></iframe>

Affordability calculator:
<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#affordability_calculator" width="400" height="700"></iframe>

<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#news" width="400" height="700"></iframe>

<iframe src="http://[YOUR_APP_LINK]/mobile?is_demo=true&is_widget=true#rates" width="400" height="700"></iframe>



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